Brenda Brown, 3rd
Algernon Bean, 4th
Lindsey Grant, 4th
Michael Robinson, 8th
Alice Sessoms, 9th
Paulette Moore-Britt, 10th
Rev. Gregory Clark, 14th
Phillip Gatling, Sr., 14th
Brytani Bradley, 15th
Rose Gatling, 15th
Natalie Totten, 17th
Charles McCullough, 18th
Antony Brown, 19th
Katrina Ransome, 21st
George Everette, Jr., 22nd
Percy Edwards, III, 23rd
Eloise Gadson, 23rd
Sharon Bean, 29th
Daryl Howard, 29th
Louvenia Lee, 30th

Laila Smallwood, 31st
Valerie Clark, 31st

Our Birthday Prayer For You...

Every time we think of you, We thank God

 and pray for you with prayers of joy. For God began a good 

work in you,will complete that work in years to come.