Rev. Deborah Gatling12/2/2018
Youth Day Worship Service

Minister Travis Gatling11/11/2018
Veteran's Day Worship Celebration

Rev. Patrick Young10/18/2018
Fall Revival

Rev. Paul Moore9/30/2018
Luke 5:1-7

Rev. Keith Urquhart9/9/2018
Growing Stronger, Growing Deeper, Reaching Higher
Isaiah 40:31

Pastor C. David Stackhouse8/26/2018
Scripture: Exodus 32:11-14
He Didn't Bring Us This Far, Just To Leave Us

Pastor C. David Stackhouse8/19/2018
Scripture: Numbers 11:1
My Worst Day With Him is Better Than My Best Day Without Him!!!

Brother Timmy Newsome, Former Dallas Cowboy, WSSU Ram8/5/2018
Pre-Church Anniversary

Pastor C. David Stackhouse7/22/2018
9th Pastoral Anniversary
I John 3:18-19

Rev. Corey Ballance7/15/2018
Third Sunday Fellowship
Worship Celebration