New Ahoskie Missionary Baptist Church

New Ahoskie Missionary Baptist Church History

Just after the Civil War, in 1866, the New Ahoskie Baptist Church was organized. After meeting in a bush shelter on John Jernigan’s Road for several years, Stephen Jenkins, a former slave, approached Mrs. Nancy Jenkins, who deeded the plot of land. The members of the early church included Stephen Jenkins, Sr., Jack McGlohon, Eliza Holloman, Isaac Newsome and Sam Holloman. The Reverend Emanuel Reynolds, served as first pastor, was instrumental in organizing The West Roanoke Association. He served the church until old age made it necessary for him to resign.

The Pastoral Ministry

The Rev. Daniel Perry succeeded Rev. Reynolds. Under his leadership, the church experienced continued growth.

The church’s third pastor was the Reverend Thaddeus Wilson, who only served a few years.

The Reverend Preston Sharpe of Harrellsville was the fourth pastor of the church. Under his leadership, many souls were saved.

Dr. Calvin Scott Brown succeeded Rev. Sharpe. Dr. Brown, an authority on church policy, was Moderator of the West Roanoke Association from its inception until his death. He also helped organize the Chowan Sunday School Convention.

The fifth pastor, the Rev. William Reid, was born near Gates County. After pastoring at Mill Neck Baptist Church for 57 years, he also served at First Baptist Murfreesboro, First Baptist of Severn, Zion Grove, Swamp Chapel and New Ahoskie Baptist. With the cooperation of the membership, Rev. Reed spearheaded the remodeling of the building.

The Rev. Lafayette Sharpe, seventh pastor, was born near Harrellsville. A second remodeling was completed under his leadership. Rev. Sharpe served the church until his death.

The eighth pastor of New Ahoskie Baptist Church, Dr. W. S. Creecy, was born in Edenton. Having performed in an exemplary manner at Shaw University, he earned the B.A. and B.T.H. degrees and was awarded an honorary doctorate. He organized the first Trustee Board at the church and Mr. W. Jenkins served as the Church Clerk.

In 1923, the church called the Rev. Roderick Hayes Patterson to serve as the ninth pastor. During his tenure, the third remodeling was completed. Brother Clyde Everette organized the Baptist Training Union and church services were increased from once a month to four times monthly. Mrs. Eleanor Mitchell, Mr. J. W. Futrell and Mrs. C. A. Harrell were clerks. Rev. Patterson initiated the establishment of the Hillcrest Cemetery Association.

Our tenth pastor was the Reverend Dr. P. L. Harvey of Norfolk, Va. During his short tenure (1951-1952), as the church experienced continued growth, funds were raised for expansion of the then current structure or the building of a new facility.

The Reverend James A. Cobb, a recent graduate of Shaw University, was called as the eleventh pastor. He, too, remained only a short while. However, the membership continued to work toward expansion or building.. During this time a Pledge system, in which many members participated, was instituted, resulting in growth of the building fund.

In 1955, the Reverend William Tyree, Jr. became the twelfth pastor. Reverend Tyree, a native of Kimball, West Virginia, graduated from Virginia Seminary and College. During his tenure, the members gave sufficient funds to begin construction of the current building. Many members, notably Deacon Thomas Newsome, a building contractor and Trustee Hawley Newsome, A Masonry Contractor, as well as the pastor himself, participated in the actual construction of the edifice. The Building Committee, chaired by Brother). L. Faulcon and the Building Fund Committee, chaired by Brother C. S. Newsome, diligently oversaw the “pay as you go” plan to complete the realization of the facility, which was dedicated November 20, 1960.

The Reverend John L. Scott answered the call to become the thirteenth pastor on January 27, 1963. Reverend Scott was still a student at Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester Pennsylvania at the time; he commuted to Ahoskie every weekend from January to June to fulfill his pastoral duties. Under his leadership, the church continued to grow. The downstairs Fellowship Hall was completed, hymnals were purchased, and carpeting and air conditioner indebtednesses were paid off.

On April 10, 1970 the Reverend Dr. Tommy Liewellyn Steele of Portsmouth Virginia became the fourteenth pastor. Some of the improvements to the edifice which were completed under Rev. Steele include purchasing the Altar and Communion Sets, paving the parking lot, completing the Pastor’s study and Ushers’ Room, purchasing a church bus, installation of glass entry doors and correction of the basement drainage. Dr. Steele created the Fellowship Usher Board and the Prayer Band. He provided for the implementation of special days for Lott Carey, All Baptist Assembly, Central Orphanage, and Shaw University.

The Rev. Milliard F. Boone was called, in 1980, to serve as the fifteenth pastor. Under Rev. Boone participation in Bible Study grew. The sanctuary was beautified with the replacement of carpeting and the addition of padded pews. Other improvements to the building included installation of brass handrails leading to the pulpit, rest rooms installed in the vestibule area, construction of a handicap ramp and purchase of a new organ.

During the tenure of our sixteenth pastor, the Reverend Henry McNeill, who arrived in 1989, a new speaker system was installed. This improved the acoustics of the building and afforded the opportunity to provide cassette recordings of church services. Additionally, a new baby grand piano was purchased.

The Reverend Patrick H. Young, a native of Fresno, CA and graduate of Howard University Divinity School became the seventeenth pastor in June of 1994. Rev. Young initiated noonday prayer to accommodate members, especially the elderly, who were not able to come out in the evening. He also began joint services with St. Thomas Episcopal Church, whereby the membership of each church worships with the other each year. The Men’s Ministry, the Women’s Ministry, the Praise Dancers and the Men’s Ushers were all created under his leadership. Improvements to the edifice included-bathroom renovations, installation of an elevator, and kitchen upgrade.

On January 17, 2009 C. David Stackhouse became The Eighteenth Pastor at New Ahoskie Baptist Church. His spirit of contemporary evangelism transformed the church. Every church ministry was rejuvenated, J.A.M. Summer Youth Camp 2009, and After School Enrichment Tutorial Program and a New Members Class. Moreover, the Children's Church Ministry, Young Adult Praise Dancers (Jewels 4 Jesus), Armor Bearers Ministry, Youth Explosion Ministry, Transportation Ministry, Now Generation Ushers, "NABC" String Ensemble, Married Couples Ministry, Community Garden "Green Acres", Senior Members Ministry were all found their beginnings under the pastorate of Pastor Stackhouse.

Associate Pastor Rev. Cheryl Holloman was elected as the Church's Interim Pastor on January 31, 2019.  She will serve in this position until a new Senior Pastor is elected by the congregation. 
“For as it is written, eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that Love HIM” 1st Corinthians 2:9.   
 On July 01,2021,Dorian T.Daniels of Laurel,MD,became the Ninethenth Pastor at New Ahoskie Missionary Baptist Church a gifted
pastor who has the love of Jesus Christ.Formal education includes a Master of Divinity School Of Theology from Virginia Union University,and a bachelor of Atrs in Music From Virginia State University,has completed some work towards a Doctor of Ministry at the Hood Theological Seminary,Salisbury,NC.He Plans to continue pursuing his Doctor of MInistry,at Virginia Thelogical Seminary,Alexandria,Va.